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Travel Like a Boss to Without the Need for a Visa

Indonesia Tourist Visa This large archipelago of islands, big and small, can never stop to amaze even the most rigid traveller. There is always something interesting in every nook and corner. This Asian archipelago in Indonesia. Made up of over seventeen thousand islands, it is the largest island country. Nature and culture are prime attractions of Indonesia. Pristine beaches, diversified marine life, large historical temples and various culture from many ethnicities. Its people are warm and friendly, making it a popular attraction to tourist all over the globe. Foodies find Indonesia pack with distinct flavours and many shopping spots to buy to your heart’s content. But, before all that, you may need to apply for an Indonesia tourist visa.


Holiday in Indonesia

When it is time to take leave and go on a holiday, Indonesia may be part of your holiday bucket list. If you are a first time tourist, Indonesia may seem far-fetched. Take a second look, and there might be something in any of the country’s nook that appeals to you. Before you know it, you will be looking up airlines fare to reach that place. After booking that dream holiday of yours in Indonesia, you can now get an Indonesia tourist visa.


Indonesia Tourist Visa

Indonesia allows up to 169 foreign nationals to visit the country without a visa. This means, if you mean to come to Indonesia for a holiday, you may enter the country with your country passport. The visa exemption is strictly for tourism purposes. These tourists may enter Indonesia from 124 immigration entry points and allowed to stay up to thirty days. If you overstay that period, you will face an unnecessary headache to get yourself out of hot water. Upon arrival at the entry points, friendly immigration officials will request to see your passport of at least six months validity and return tickets. The thirty-day stay allowance cannot be extended by hook or by crook. There is another option for an Indonesia tourist visa. The Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) is allowed for citizens from 61 countries. Travellers can get the VoA from entry airports and seaports. VoA is valid for thirty days and can be extended to another thirty days by applying to Indonesia’s immigration offices. The fee for VoA is USD35. If you wonder whether your country passport can enter Indonesia without a visa, you may contact your nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate.



To mitigate the Covid-19 spread, the Indonesia government recently launched an e-Visa. It is made available for business travellers from selected countries to Indonesia with a travel corridor agreement with the Indonesia government. It is also open to investors, skilled workers and civil servants. For the time being, Indonesia has yet to open its shores for tourism, but the government is poised to make e-Visa available to countries where they are not visa exempted in the near future.

Indonesia Tourist Visa