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Be Professional and Leave on a Good Note

How to Write a Resignation Letter in Indonesia Landing a job for a fresh graduate could be the start of a new phase in life. It is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. But after a few years of working and gaining exposure and experience, one would want more in life. Thus, begins the search for new opportunities beyond the workplace. In Indonesia, the hiring and resigning process are simple yet with specific challenges. The labour law in Indonesia is always changing, and it is essential to understand the law in its native language. The next step is to inform the current employer that you are leaving when the right opportunity comes. Here’s a guideline on how to write a resignation letter in Indonesia.


Employment Contract

When an employee is hired to work in an organisation, they are bonded by the employment contract. The contract would state a termination clause for the employee under specific circumstances. The termination clause will also contain the notice period in place of the employee who desires to resign from the job. The company must prepare all contracts in Bahasa Indonesia, and if the employer is a foreigner, the agreement can have English and Bahasa Indonesia versions. In addition to that, the Manpower Law of Indonesia requires or companies to have internal regulations of the company. The employer and employee should understand the internal principles. The employee will likely refer to the employment contract when writing a resignation letter in Indonesia.


Leave on a Good Note

When you decide to resign from the current company, it is advisable to maintain a professional relationship throughout the resignation process. Even if the current organisation has the least friendly people, it is still a common and sensible practise to not burn any bridges. You will never know if, down the road, you might bump or work with your previous superior in a different company. For starters, you need to tell your boss you are leaving. If you prefer not to meet him or her in person, do provide them with a resignation letter.


The Letter

Hence, let’s get to how to write a resignation letter in Indonesia. Your resignation letter can be in English or Bahasa Indonesia if you are proficient in it. As it is a formal letter, you have to begin with your name, address and date. After that comes addressing the letter to your boss and human resources department (if necessary). You would want to keep the subject short and direct. You would also like to keep the content of the letter quick and straightforward. Be sure to include the effective date of the notice. If you are on probation, the typical notice period is one week. Otherwise, the notice period is thirty days. Suppose you have had good memories, challenges and build relationships with people in the company. In that case, your resignation letter can include a simple statement of gratitude while serving the company. To make an excellent lasting impression one last time, end the letter with best wishes for the company’s future. Lastly, you will need to sign the letter and hand it over to your boss.

How to Write a Resignation Letter in Indonesia