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Get Ahead With Company Employee Handbooks in Indonesia

Company Employee Handbooks in Indonesia Home to more than 200 million citizens, Indonesia is a vast country known for its emerging market in South East Asia. The country, albeit having strict employment rules, still makes an attractive place for entrepreneurs to embark on their business journey. As such, plenty of labour and employment laws are put into place for employers to adhere to and adapt to their company. These laws, added with the company’s own policies are manifested into a manual, known as company employee handbooks. An employee handbook is one of the most crucial documents needed in the workplace. Read more on our kick starter’s guide to company employee handbooks in Indonesia today.


What Is a Company Employee Handbook?

A company employee handbook pertains to documents that an employee is to know as a worker of an establishment. There are situations where an employee may be asked to attest that they have gone through the employee handbook, comprehending the set rules made by the company in the form of a written acknowledgement. Said handbooks are easy to go through as they are direct and in easy language for an employee to understand basic terms. It is not usually exhausting, long and droning which can be counterproductive for an employee to comprehend.


What Does the Employee Handbook Contain?

The contents of one company’s handbook will vary from one to the next. The only things that are shared across company establishments are the structure of the layout and some overlapping rules and terms.

1. Introduction

This section of the company employee handbook is when acknowledgements are made. It is also where basic or in-depth information of a company will be. This section of the handbook follows along with write-ups and messages from important figureheads of the company, the company history, policies made over the years or updates on them and statements pertaining vision, mission values and ethics.

2. Rules, regulations and perks.

The employment information section of the employee handbook showcases a set of rules addressed by the company of employment. Some of the topics commonly discussed include terms upon joining a company. Others pertain information on an assortment of applications, promotions within the company, levels within the employment, set policies within the company, off days, perks, remuneration and more.

3. Job-related formation.

This section of the handbook may address items regarding the company working attire, schedules, break times, fines, things not to do and more.


Why Employee Handbooks Matter

Company employee handbooks assist in providing answers to its working members. The main being to service and serve as a point of reference that use to protect themselves. The handbook a flow in the process of things that take place day today. It also helps prevent cases of discrimination of any kinds and special treatments in the working area. Hence, employees are clear about the set terms and what they do in the company. Below are some ways you as an employee can use your company handbook to benefit and know your rights.

  1. What are my rights as a working member of my company?
    A company employee handbook lists the terms and conditions that are set. This allows a worker to take advantage of this in the case that it is needed. In all cases, employees are protected against discrimination, sexual harassment and other wrongdoings that can be committed within a workplace. In order to understand the extent of the protection your company offers; we urge you to go through your handbook.
  2. What benefits am I entitled to?
    Companies offer awards, monetary incentives or bonuses that one can obtain. Skimming through the employee handbook can help you assess how to obtain benefits from the company you are working for.
  3. What is expected of me?
    The employee handbook lists all items that are required of you as an employee. This works on a monthly or yearly basis. This can cover basic tenets like dress codes to something as specific as your yearly performance.
  4. What is prohibited?
    While it does not apply to all companies, some are stricter than others. In some working places, there are certain taboos that are especially evident. This can range from what a company may deem to be an inappropriate hairstyle or rude communication styles.


Creating Your Indonesian Company Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a vital communication tool. It helps to regulate management and keeps both employee and employer accountable across all levels in a company. You can always refer to online resources to write your handbook. However, should you require assistance, reach out to a professional specializing in labour laws and get them to help you create a comprehensive company employee handbook today!

Company Employee Handbooks in Indonesia