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Securing the Right Kind of Space for Your Business

Renting a Business Office in Indonesia Indonesia has been a top choice for many investors because of how affordable it is to start a business here. If you’re thinking of renting a business office, then this guide is for you.

Foreigners can rent office space in Indonesia. They also have the option of leasing a building or a piece of land from an Indonesian titleholder.


Should I Buy or Rent?

That is the dilemma a lot of entrepreneurs will face. It is one of the many business decisions you must make. Should you buy or rent your business office in Indonesia? If you are a start-up company, buying might not be an option within your budget.

While there are pros and cons for both options, renting an office space is still a better idea. Why? Because of the following reasons:

  • You get to expand your network of professionals if you rent shared spaces or service offices.
  • You enjoy the amenities of the rental space.
  • It is a more cost-effective option if you’re a new or start-up company.
  • You keep the option of upsizing or downsizing an open possibility.
  • You have the option of using virtual offices.
  • There are affordable rental spaces that fit all your business needs offered by services like 3E Accounting.


Types of Business Office Options Available

When scouting around for options, several office types for you to choose from, depending on your needs, especially in Jakarta:

  • Grade A Office Type – These are the most prestigious office types. Multinationals and large corporations prefer this option because they are typically located in premium areas.
  • Grade B Office Type – These are the mid-range office selection.
  • Grade C Office Type – These are the lower range of office options.
  • Rukos Office Options – These are shop houses or shop lots. It is a cheaper option, but you might have to spend more money maintaining it.
  • Virtual Offices and Serviced Offices – If all you need is a registered address and dedicated phone number, then this option might be the right fit for you.


It’s All About Location

Renting a business office is all about location. To give your business a fighting chance of success, you must pick the right location to get noticed by your target audience. Pick the right location and your business will be thriving in no time. At 3E Accounting, our professionals are well-versed with the local business market. We can guide you toward the best location for your business where you can maximise your potential for an affordable and competitive price.

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Renting a Business Office in Indonesia