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Mapping Out an Approach for Business Localisation in Indonesia

A Framework for Business Localisation in Indonesia As a serious contender in the emerging market arena, Indonesia offers huge potential for the discerning entrepreneur. However, navigating this business environment is no child’s play, and without business localisation in Indonesia, chances of failure are high.

As the fourth most populous country, Indonesia has 279 million people who speak more than 300 local languages. As Southeast Asia’s largest economy, the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) was at 3.69% as of 2021. With exports well into the billions, Indonesia’s economic growth is forecast to rise up to 5.9% by 2023.

In this concise read, we look at localisation and its vital role in internationalising any business. If you need assistance navigating the Indonesian business landscape, including Indonesia company incorporation, 3E Accounting is ready to help.


Putting Localisation in Perspective

Adapting a business for an entirely new geographical launch is what localisation is all about. Entrepreneurs need to modify, rebrand, reprice, etc., their products, services, and content to be as originally local as possible.

Localisation encourages both familiarity and acceptance by the local population. It makes customers more amenable, fostering a positive vibe towards the service or product. It offers customers something they can intuitively identify with, thereby helping with customer satisfaction and loyalty. By resonating with the local mindset, localisation pushes integration and lowers cultural barriers towards seamless penetration of different markets.


Essential Localisation Points to Ponder

Proper localisation ensures swift and accurate market penetration. Adaption strategies that underscore change require tools and management finesse to ensure success. A fundamental requirement is doing due diligence on the Indonesian market. Research and planning might unearth pertinent facts that are distinctive to the country, making a difference in outcomes.

To initiate and sustain growth and build customer loyalty, research how best to connect with the population. Most strategies will have a cultural and social element behind them. For example, customers may prefer cash transactions rather than digital modes of payment. Pricing may need to be highly competitive, with discounts and bargain sales leading the way.

Carry out local search engine optimisation (SEO) audits on all content to ensure you’re sending out the right message. A reliable strategy for business localisation in Indonesia should also include the following:

  • Website and mobile app analytics
  • Legislation, especially the Omnibus Laws
  • Ways to increase local social media awareness
  • Translation management software



With its immensely diverse cultural norms, social customs, languages, etc., business localisation in Indonesia poses a significant challenge. Repositioning a service or product to resonate with the population will require pivotal strategies from the get-go. Entrepreneurs should consider engaging localisation or business solution specialists familiar with Indonesia’s social and cultural norms.

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A Framework for Business Localisation in Indonesia