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The Best Read on What Business to Start in Indonesia

What Business to Start in IndonesiaStarting a business requires planning, organisation, funding, and a lot of hard work, amongst other crucial factors. However, the first step in any venture is figuring out what that business is actually going to be. Searching for the right business idea can be a chore, thanks to the digital information overload. So, if you are unsure about what business to start in Indonesia, then expert help is definitely in order.

In this quick read, we provide relevant information on starting your business off on the right track. With some investigative research, we’ve come up with some trending business start-up ideas which may excite the entrepreneur in you. For more information or a quick chat, get in touch with 3E Accounting Indonesia today.


Why Start a Business in Indonesia?

The Republic of Indonesia is a dynamic country with huge potential for savvy entrepreneurs. The country is resource-rich, and its manufacturing and agricultural industries are the highest in the region. Small and medium enterprises drive the mixed economy, which also has a rapidly rising middle-class population.

The Indonesian Government is increasing its commitment to building more modern and complex infrastructure and connectivity. The introduction and adoption of the Omnibus Laws continue to encourage an investor-friendly commercial ecosystem. Indonesia is also actively securing more international trade agreements and double tax treaties. All these efforts aim to increase its ranking in the Ease of Doing Business index.


Businesses to Start in Indonesia

The decision to become an entrepreneur is significant, and pursuing the right business is key to success. An idea can be a huge hit or a painful miss, and sometimes gauging the market response can be difficult. One way around this is to do some industry or market research and check out the competition. This will be a great aid in deciding what business to start in Indonesia.

Here are some exciting Indonesian business ideas that might just be worth a try:

  • Travel Agency, Tourism Bureau, Hotels, Inns, or Guest Houses
  • Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Online Retail, or any E-Commerce Business
  • IT-related Service, Telemedicine Service, or Cybersecurity Consultant
  • Local Arts and Crafts, Batik Business, or Furniture Factory
  • Fishery or Farming Business, or a Meat Packing Plant
  • Construction Business



Starting a business has many things going for it, such as being your own boss and earning good profit. A successful enterprise will turn your business into a valuable asset with the capacity to secure your future. It also provides a sense of achievement, especially if you get to pursue what you love doing. These are great motivators as you consider what business to set up in Indonesia,

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What Business to Start in Indonesia