Company Stamp

Company StampA company stamp or seal is a tool used to authenticate official corporate documents. It commonly features the company name and registration number and has been traditionally employed to certify the authenticity of documents such as contracts and certificates. Particularly in Indonesia, while not legally required, the practice of using such seals remains widespread due to tradition and corporate identity purposes.

The responsibility for the care and use of the company stamp typically falls to the company secretary. The stamp can be applied in various contexts, such as certifying a document as a deed rather than a mere contract, on share certificates, or on any documents that must include the company registration number as dictated by the Companies Act.

The process of acquiring a company stamp entails choosing a design and providing the specific details of the organisation to a stamp maker. These stamps, although simple, play a significant role in a company’s identity, are relatively affordable, and often carry additional information such as the company’s address or contact details. It’s important to note that their use is not a legal requirement, with a signature from a company officer often deemed just as, if not more, valid.